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Heal My Breaking Heart

A series for parents of children with autism and other neuro developmental disorders. Tips for living a hope-filled life beyond the guilt, hurt and shame.

Eligibility Wars: Autism

A presentation for parents and community advocacy groups who desire to learn key strategies for determining school based eligibility for special education support services

Parsing the Kaleidoscope: A practitioners guide for preschool autism evaluations

A Mini-Skills workshop highlights key assessment tools and effective strategies.

Different Perspective: A peak into the world of Autism

A presentation series including sessions on early warning signs, debunking the myths and misconceptions. Building a community of support and hope.

Autism: Early Identification & Support Strategies – A Teacher’s Guide (PK-6)

A Mini Skills Workshop


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Shanter began her career as a high school English Teacher and subsequently transitioned to school guidance counseling. She holds a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Education and a minor in Communication Studies. Her masters degree in Educational Psychology was completed in 2009 followed by an Ed.S in School Psychology from Andrews University in 2012. Ms. Alexander has served over fifteen (15) years in the fields of education and psychology and is currently in the final stages of completion of her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

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