School Psychologists – Who are they?

The School Psychologist is a member of a team of caring professionals who are here to support you through the journey of our children’s learning and their general life success. This includes the education of all learners. From the average learner to the gifted, struggling, and disabled….we believe that ALL children are SPECIAL.

School Psychologists employ the most current tools and strategies to determine intellectual, academic and social-emotional capacities, and to design plans for educational success. We have a strong background and intensive clinical training and experience in both the fields of education and psychology. In fact, many school psychologists began their early careers as classroom teachers and then transitioned to psychology. We understand the science and art of teaching/learning and are well-trained to assess the intricacies of a child’s learning abilities and personal academic and social skills. We monitor individual students’ progress in core subjects like reading and math, and work with teachers and instructional aides to design interventions and individualized education plans from Preschool through 12th grade—and in some cases young adult programs. School psychologists work closely with classroom teachers, social workers, counselors, school administrators, parents and community personnel. We work hard to determine the best means of helping each student attain full learning potential.


Sometimes school psychologists have the very difficult job of telling parents that their child is ‘not developing as normally as other children.  “It never becomes easy!” These are the words that come from the lips of hundreds of school psychologists as they describe the burden that comes with breaking news of some kind of impairment to parents.   However, the job of the School Psychologist is far greater than being the bearer of sad news, School Psychologists have the expertise to help provide recommendations specifically designed to help children of all ability levels meet their potential.  Knowing that we have the ability to help children flourish is what balances the difficult parts.

School Psychologists care!