Why I do what I do…

  My earliest awareness of the concept of disability came when I was about 8 years old and my favorite aunt contracted a severe case of rubella (german measles), when she about twenty (20) weeks pregnant. I remember over hearing conversations about whether or not the baby would have been able to survive the treatments.[…]


School Psychologists – Who are they?

The School Psychologist is a member of a team of caring professionals who are here to support you through the journey of our children’s learning and their general life success. This includes the education of all learners. From the average learner to the gifted, struggling, and disabled….we believe that ALL children are SPECIAL. School Psychologists[…]

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One Size doesn’t fit All

Can you imagine if you walked into a shoe store and all of the shoes came in just one size? It would be quite disturbing. Some of us may simply resign ourselves to walking around with bare feet and others might opt for tripping over themselves because their shoes are too large, and yet still[…]

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That Dirty little S Word

Kids whisper it in the hallways and don’t want anyone to know. Even parents are afraid to say it, yet school officials talk about all the time. It’s that dirty little ‘S’ word—Special Education!   For too long parents and students have thought of ‘special education’ as the dirty little secret that is kept amongst[…]